Pirates Shipwreck

Pirates Shipwreck

At a secluded port in the Caribbean, a pirate ship called “Black Beard” is anchored with a secret of hidden treasures.

In the dark of the night, you and your mates enter the ship in search of its legend.

Then… Trapped on board and with the Captain’s cabin… Your search begins!

But all is not what it seems. Clues need to be solved to find these treasures. Don’t forget to read the Captain’s map left unattended on his table.

Search everywhere… Until you find your way to the hidden passage. On deck, you need to navigate the ship in order to escape with the treasures found.

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Age: 14+

Players: 2-6

24 Riddles

Electronics: 9

Mechanical: 6

Other: 8

Wow-Effects: 1


Tags: Pirate, Adventure, History

Escape Rate: 84%