Bring out your inner detective!


Adventurers… you need to bring out your inner detective spirit to gather clues, combine details, solve puzzles, decipher secret meanings and trigger doors to hidden rooms.

Escapees have 60/75/90 minutes (depending on the room selected) to crack the code and solve the puzzles in the mystery room. The activities are not physical but a lot of logical thinking will be necessary to solve the puzzles and codes to eventually escape.

Imagine you are walking through a jungle maze with amazing animals in the mysterious game inspired by Jumanji or use a magical wand at Hogwarts with Harry or go treasure hunting as a true Pirate like Jack Sparrow.  Our new rooms includes the fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland and our Moonlight (Legend of Dracula) escape room are definately for our thrill seekers.

Can you hear it, feel it, see it as the mystery unravels before you and while the clock is ticking your heart is pounding as you have only seconds left.

As the door unlocks you can tell all your friends that you experienced the magic of SA MindMaze Escape Rooms in Potchefstroom.

Reading with Magnifying Glass
Pirate Flag
Assortment of Books
Vintage Compass
Full Moon Bat
Fierce Lion
Swooping Bat
Magnifying Glass
Pocket Watch
Rainbow Cake
Child at school