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Bring out your inner detective!


Adventurers… you need to bring out your inner detective spirit to gather clues, combine details, solve puzzles, decipher secret meanings and trigger doors to hidden rooms.

Escapees have 60/75/90 minutes (depending on the room selected) to crack the code and solve the puzzles in the mystery room. The activities are not physical but a lot of logical thinking will be necessary to solve the puzzles and codes to eventually escape.

Imagine you are walking through a jungle maze with amazing animals in the mysterious game inspired by Jumanji OR use a magical wand at Hogwarts with Harry OR go treasure hunting as a true Pirate like Jack Sparrow.  Our new rooms includes the fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland and our Moonlight (Legend of Dracula) escape room are definitely for our thrill seekers.

Can you hear it, feel it, see it as the mystery unravels before you and while the clock is ticking your heart is pounding as you have only seconds left.

As the door unlocks you can tell all your friends that you experienced the magic of SA MindMaze Escape Rooms in Potchefstroom.


Upon cancellation or in the event of a "no show" of a game or individual by you for any reason, less than 48 hours prior to the game, any and all paid funds or credits will be forfeited. No refunds will be provided for any amounts paid to SA Mindmaze Escape Rooms.

The credit may be used to move the game to a later date, it must be used within 30 days of the original booking and a credit option is only viable if cancellation was made 48 hours prior to the original booking.

  • What is an Escape Room?
    Team based challenge where you will be working with other people to find hidden objects and clues to solve puzzles and accomplish tasks in order to get out of a space within a time limit of usually 60 minutes.
  • What makes escape rooms fun?​
    You do it with friends, family or work colleagues. It is a real-life activity within a real-world experience. It gets your brain working and adrenaline pumping. You have to do it under time pressure that heightens the excitement.
  • What happens ahead of time?​
    1.Book a time slot on our website, As soon as you booked and paid you are ready for the escape. 2.Be sure to be early at least 15 minutes before your timeslot. 3.Sign a waiver. 4.Go to the restroom. 5.Rules of the game will be explained. 6.Hints and the clue system will be explained. 7.You will be asked to put your personal belongings into a locker. 8.You will be lead into your room and ready to start!
  • What happens inside the room?​
    Once the game starts the timer will be set at 60 minutes. You will need to figure out the puzzle, code or locks in order to move forward. Figure out what is part of the game and what is not. Secret symbols, locked boxes and hidden doors need to be identified to accomplish tasks. Written clues can be provided when players get stuck on certain tasks.
  • What happens when the game is over?
    If you escape or not recognise, the fact that it was for fun. You will have the opportunity to take pictures that will go out to social media pages. Allow yourself to talk about the experience with your friends afterwards either with a coffee or drink at our pub located outside. Chat about the experience and go online and rate us on TripAdvisor.
  • How many people can play?​
    Two to six people
  • What is the best age group?​
    14 and older can play the game but they must have at least one adult(18+) present in the group. Our recommendation for participants is 16 and older as we are more geared towards adult audiences.
  • Is it physical?​
    No, It is not physical.
  • What? Are we locked in?​
    No, you can exit at any time. We have cameras in each room and you can use the telephone to call the game master to exit.
  • What if we get stuck on a puzzle?
    Your progress will be monitored by a game master on cameras. You can use the phone to ask for a clue at any time.
  • How much time will we need to play?​
    Please arrive 15 minutes before your booked timeslot. You must arrive on time to participate. You will be locked inside the escape room for 60 minutes.
  • What happens if I am late?​
    These are live escape rooms. So, unfortunately, we cannot wait for latecomers. The door of the room locks exactly on the time you signed up for. If you arrive we will have to adjust your time accordingly due to teams after you which means less time to escape.
  • How much does it cost?​
    You can view the prices on our Prices and packages page.
  • How do I book escape?​
    You have to book online through our Booking page. A timetable is provided where you can choose the specific escape game and the time slot. You can also pay online after you have selected a time slot.
  • How do we change or cancel the booking?​
    We unfortunately do not give refunds it is a live experience, but we can provide you with a credit note in exchange for you to book again next time instead. If your plans have changed and you would prefer another day, just give us a ring 48 hours before the booking and we can change it for you.
  • What should I wear when playing?​
    Anything you feel comfortable in.
  • Is it easy accessible?​
    We are situated on the first floor of Impala Hotel, you have to climb stairs as there are no lifts available.
  • Are there snacks and drinks available?​
    Yes, we have a beautiful restaurant / pub outside. The Local Pub at Impala Hotel will be your first and last stop.
  • How do I pay?
    You have to book online to secure a timeslot. We can however help you if we have an opening available but it is not adviced.
  • Are there toilets inside the escape rooms?
  • Last word from management​
    Bring your competitive spirit as you will need it. The escape rooms vary in difficulties and each will test your mental strength as an individual and as a team. Time flies quickly, so come prepared. Having fun is our end game and we wish you the best of luck escapees!!
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